TJ’s Household Haiku – New format

Frangipani leaf with bug

Hi all. I am shaking things up a little in TJ’s household haiku. From now on I will be expanding the prompt with two options (you only need to select one of the options)…

  1. A photo prompt without explanation – use anything in the shot as an inspiration and surprise us!
  2. A word prompt – use it somehow in your haiku.

You don’t have to include the word if you want to just use the picture as an inspiration or you don’t have to reference the picture if you use the word. Or you can use both.

Go crazy you wild haiku enthusiasts you!

So here is the first prompt in the new and improved TJ’s Haiku Challenge

Word Prompt: dew

Frangipani leaf with bug

The morning dew drops

Each tiny lens reflecting

A microcosm

Last week’s prompt “Iron” produced some “smooth” productions.

Judy Martin has a pile of ironing to deal with in her inimitable way.

Ruth of Image and Word has added steam to heat things up a little here.

Ironing…the eternal cycle from Life Home and Away

Three perspective of irons and their uses from the innovative Kat Myrman

The talented Ritu of “But I Smile Anyway” has added a fascinating glimpse into ironing in India. Do check it out. Wonderful haiku too!

Tucked into a Corner always creates wonderful word pictures each week. Do take a moment to check these out. Three great perspectives.

Freya has ironically composed two fine haiku. Thanks for joining in this week and hope to see you back!

A special mention to Kia of The Recovering Know it All. He started with an iron clad haiku in the comments and has added a collection of “phone” prompt haiku on his own great blog. Cheers mate!

“Iron Man”

Electric to see

Watch out when he gets full steam

Striped shirts need starch too!


  1. Sorry I never completed the Iron post for the challenge. Life has a way of catching up. Thx for the mention and the prompt. You are awesome

    Liked by 1 person

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