You Tube – Only the finest

I have become increasingly grateful to Youtube for supplying me with very necessary laughs at the end of the day.

The human desire to “put themselves out there” seems to override any hesitations about the possible reactions of others and some of the things “out there” are so unexpectedly chucklesome that I can’t help loving the creators for their bravado.

Take Konis Hupen for example. The horrifying combination of black leather lederhosen and the chap with the bicycle horns attached to his overalls is only rendered more absurd when you realise they are performing in front of a garden bed full of gnomes. The tune is actually quite catchy, which just adds to the whole effect I think.

And then there is Die Woodys, Fichtl’s Lied…


Is it the huge grins? The cuckoo imitation? The bad lip syncing? Or the hideous puppets? So many  things going on here. Thank you Die Woodys for this gem!

By the way, I am not into lederhosen but just happened upon these two when they popped up as random suggestions.

I will however confess that I have a secret love of yodelling.


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