Strange Contrasts

vintage car vincennes
Such a peculiar contrast. A vintage car show in the grounds of a 14th century castle. I snapped this just as the show was ending. Vincennes

See how my war horse

Sports the latest stirrups

Observe my gauntlets

In the latest style

My blade – Toledo

My hauberk – Paris

How could any future age

Be more fashionable than this?

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge



      1. Ah, and here we have the Detroit Free Press… Still, when I inhabited Toledo, Ohio, we had the daily, Toledo Blade. While I wasn’t their biggest fan, I would catch myself rummaging through their Peach Section which is where all the local dirt and delights could be found.

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        1. I am afraid I haven’t read “The West” in years. We used to have great fun each Sunday reading the horrifying names people were giving to their newborns in the “births” section.

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          1. I am laughing so hard right now, I can scare type… So, I shall away to discover what the defenseless are dealing with. I am so grateful my father won the baby naming lottery in our family. My mother, God rest her soul, is rumored to have chosen Cinnamon for me, Ginger for my sister and Basil for my brother… Father won out, with Annette, Lorraine and Mitchell…

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          2. Oh dear. They are not that bad compared to some I have read, but I think your father was perhaps a little more mindful of what future generations may have thought.

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