Winter trees in black and white

Liquid Amber tree: TJ Paris Photography

Did the tree in reaching up

Claim to understand the sky?

Did it tell the other trees

What heaven has demanded?


Did the sky when looking down

Teach the tree most plainly?

How it wished the tree to reach

And how in turn to bend?


Yet we beneath the same blue sky

Pretend to know its purpose

And wage cruel war implacably

Upon those who oppose us


And still the sun full shining down

Upon the trees and bitter men

Shows no biased preference

Nor calls us “chosen creatures”


So like the tree, reach up my man

Embrace the warmth of sunlight

And shelter those still bent with care

Amongst your spreading branches


And should you in your arrogance

Believe that you are sacrosanct

Remember that beneath the sky

We are but one world turning




Daily Press: Look Up


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