Beep Beep!

Renault cars
Renault cars
A collection of bright vintage Renault cars were parked under a Morton Bay Fig Tree. TJ Paris Photography

These Jaunty little vintage Renault motor cars were just parked in Fremantle and begged to be photographed. Why can’t cars be like these once more? Like riding in a jellybean of joy!

The different colours just added the cherry to the top of the cake.


Beep Beep!

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top



  1. “Jellybean of joy” makes me smile just to say it! I’m guessing these cars are built stronger and safer, perhaps–seems like the older cars were. Hey, I’m delighted to have put the Haiku Hub badge in my right-hand widgets–wearing it proudly and with no small measure of enthusiasm 🙂

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    1. I am so impressed you managed to add the logo. I struggled just to create it. You do me a great honour by wearing it. The little cars were very well made and extremely dinky. 🙂


          1. Hahahahahahahhahahaha–hubba hubbas…. Once again you’ve pulled me out of temporary doldrums! I think we should “host a hubba hubba Hawaiian luau”–not necessarily all Hawaiian dishes, but food nonetheless… Yes, I really do always want to feed everyone!

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          2. Love the idea of a luau but I suspect that anyone who saw me in a grass skirt might require counselling. 🙂 A big feast would be delightful. I shall just have to survive on the sustaining comments you so beautiful “plate up”.


          3. All I’m seeing is the beard–and the grass skirt….somehow they don’t go together 🙂 The islanders I’ve seen have pretty sketchy facial hair 🙂

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