Rain in my heart



Versailles black and white

Storm clouds over Versailles. Stone urns in silhouette.


La pluie implacable pleure dans les rivières de regret,
Les flaques d’eau teintes en rouge avec mes rêves assassinés.
Mon cœur est seulement un galet,
Dans les profondeurs abandonnés

Relentless rain crying in rivers of regret
The puddles dyed red with my murdered dreams
My heart is but a pebble
In the abandoned depths

Prompt Words – pluie , rouge, implacable , rivière, regrets



 Thought I would have a go at a French poem based on the prompts for this weeks prompt from Jane Dougherty





20 thoughts on “Rain in my heart

    • How very kind of you! I was happy with how the French turned out (and also the fact that my French friend only made 1 little correction!) Yay.


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