The Straight and Narrow

Secret Way to Montmatre
My wonderful friend led me up this little known way to Montmartre where I took this shot. We should all be a little Bohemian now and then.

I took a street, so straight and narrow

And my conscious led me on.

My whole life, straight as an arrow,

Free from strife, and regrets, none


Yet now and then I pause to wonder

What I’ve missed along the way.

Had I but turned aside to ponder,

Where would I be this winter’s day?


For spring and summer now are ended,

Autumns turned to winter’s chill

Had I in youth but apprehended

The joys life held, and may hold still


So while I walk the straight and narrow

Now and the I’ll turn aside

And strut my stuff like a youth callow

Upon life’s roads so broad and wide.






Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow


  1. This is marvelous…mostly because I can’t envision you getting too far off the path 🙂 Tell me, please–on the left, is that an art gallery, or a shop selling art supplies?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it is a seller of art supplies. It is such a great little street and one which most people miss and yet it is one of the best ways up to Monmartre.


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