Monday Haiku – Sizzling Sands

Exmouth and Snakes
Snake trakes in the sand at Exmouth in Western Australia. Quite interesting except I discovered them around my head when I woke up after sleeping outside under the stars.

The sizzling sand

Soon arouses the sleek snake

With its warm caress

Sleeping under the stars is something I rarely do, but if the weather is right up in North West Australia it is really quite possible. I was asleep on a dune by the beach and awoke to find these snake tracks around and about where I was lying in my sleeping bag. I have no idea what snake made them, but I am glad to report they did not make it into the actual sleeping bag.

I continued to sleep outside but with the sleeping bag drawstring pulled in very tight. A colleague discovered a tiger snake under his tent (he was not so brave) soon after, enjoying the warmth generated by my more cautious friend’s body.

Ah, Australia!

For Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Sleek and Sizzle

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  1. You were not easily discouraged from your accommodations under the stars. My tender heart would have evacuated the premises instantly. Interesting post, TJ.


  2. Oh my goodness!! Great haiku (I think it was great…as I got too caught up in the fearful danger of the situation)! Do you not have any fear of human predators either?


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