Haiku Hub Floating Challenge #1 – Heritage

The Wonderful Ritu of “But I Smile Anyway” is the first to put up a challenge for the Haiku Hub! A great prompt for haiku enthusiasts and do check it (and her great blog) out!

But I Smile Anyway...

Now, some of you may have heard, TJ over at LaVie Et Trop Courte Por Boire Du Mauvais Vin, created a Haiku Hub, where he has invited all manner of Haiku writers to join, and a couple of weeks ago, he put it out there to us ‘Hubbers’ to think of some challenges to throw out to all Haiku enthusiasts!

Haiku Hub Badge copyright TJ Paris 2016

You know me, always up for a challenge, and I volunteered some ideas, and in turn, TJ volunteered me to be the first host!

So, here I am hosting my first ever challenge post!

I went walking in a nearby country park with the family a couple of weeks back and took plenty of photos. One of them cried out to meto be used!


The prompt photo is as above, and a word prompt to use is


Use either, or both together, to create your haiku. Think…

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