TJ’s Household Haiku – Gold

Golden fields of canola in WA
Golden fields of canola in WA
A field of canola in the Western Australian country side.


Home decoration

A splash of red, blue ceiling,

A sunshine carpet

Welcome to TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge! If you would like to participate then use either the prompt word or photo for inspiration and add a link to your haiku post in the comment section. We love to see new people! A summary of all of the entries is given each week.

This is a photo I took recently on a little jaunt into the the countryside of Western Australia. This is a typical West Aussie landscape. The red soil so rich in iron, the blue sky, a few scattered trees and endless distances. Canola is a reasonably recent addition to the landscapes, but the endless gold makes a wonderful sight.

Last week the prompt was “cut” and it inspired a number of really great haiku.

Japanese Crests
The Japanese Art of “Mon Kiri” – literally “Crest Cutting”

A fruity post from Lady Lee Manila started off the fun.

Judy Martin has cut to the quick with this haiku.

Ritu cuts to the chase with three haiku this week.

The Poetry Channel has taken us through a window to a different world this week.

Freya’s lovely pair of haiku show how a blade can produce beauty.

On the Land has taken the nature theme and produced a wonderful haiku. Love it!

Kat Myrman has again taken the prompt and produced three wonderful interpretations. Have to love the retro photo too!

Rahdika has produced a perfect haiku with this reference to rugged cliffs

Tucked Into a Corner has, in her wonderful regular trio (despite computer glitches) nailed the genre again. I love the different facets of these three little works of art.

Ramblings of a Writer has taken the photo prompt and produced a lovely haiku. Cheers fellow Southern Hemispherite!

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