Haiku – Still Waters

Magdalen College Oxford
Oxford through one of the apertures at the top of Magdalen Tower Oxford

Time, like a river

Slowly smooths life’s jagged stones

Each drop a second


Through the ancient stone

The passing millenia

A quiet river


See the river stones?

I see! There in the rushes!

A nest of duck eggs

I had a rare opportunity to climb to the top of Magdalen Tower in Oxford. This amazing bell tower first opened in 1509 and you still need very special permission to get the ancient key (about a foot long) and climb to the roof at the top. From this ancient vantage point you can gaze down upon Oxford in all its glory. This view through one of the stone apertures, takes you down High Street and you can see the Radcliffe Camera in the far distance on the right. Another view shows you the elegant New College where CS Lewis spent his time as an academic.

This is not the place for those scared of heights (or indeed the claustrophobic) for you must climb a vertiginous stone staircase to get to the top and you could easily plunge to your death off the roof should you slip.

Thankfully I did not and neither did the students I was with, despite giving the appearance every moment of launching themselves into the void.

By the way, for the uninitiated, it is pronounce ‘Maudlin’ not ‘Magdalen’. Typical Brits!

In response to Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge ” River and Stone  ”


the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge:Frame


  1. Lovely trio of haiku, TJ. Travel is one of my passions, unfortunately for me I have yet to visit England. It is on my ‘Bucket List’ though. I love the framing of the picture. I would love to visit Oxford and climb to the top of the tower as well. It read like an exciting experience and the view is beautiful. 🙂

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    1. I am going back in 3 weeks or so for a week’s stay at Christchurch College. I can’t wait! I am a very fortunate chappy. Hope your weekend is a great one. TJ

      Liked by 1 person

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