Strange Gyrations – Flash Fiction

Royal Show Perth Western Australia
Royal Show Perth Western Australia
People Spin About in the blue.

“I specifically told Eunice not to drink absinthe while taking cold medicine.”

“She never listens”

“Well now who is going to fly the helicopter?”


“We could jump.”

“Well ‘apres vous’ my dear, but I think I would rather take my chances inside at the moment.”

“We could use Granmamma’s bloomers as a parachute.” Suggested one of the Danger Twins unhelpfully.

“Oh you vile boy! How dare you say such a thing to your Grandmamma”

“Apologise to your Grandmamma immediately!”

“Sorry Grandmamma!”

“Husband! Why did you never learn to fly a helicopter? Men are all the same!”

“er…um…” replied Grandpappa…and he meant it.

“I have a sore tum tum!” wailed Little Wendy as the helicopter began to lurch alarmingly

“Don’t you be sick on Grandmammas nice dress Wendy dear”

“Tut tut tut!” said Eunice awakening from her drug induced coma and grabbing the controls.

It was not one of her better landings.  Several onlookers suffered heart attacks and a small corgi named Kevin was never seen again.

“Well that is just typical!” sighed Mother.


For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Thanks to Iain Kelly for the photographic inspiration!


  1. I’d love to see this in live action. Very animated and funny. Keep it coming! And yeah, I’m sad for the corgi and people who had heart attacks, too. Still, this is an interesting and lively take of the photo prompt.

    Liked by 1 person

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