TJ’s Haiku Challenge – Bud

Golden Rose 14th Century commissioned for Pope John XXII
Golden Rose 14th Century commissioned for Pope John XXII
This rose, crafted in the 14th Century from solid gold is but one of the many wonders of the Cluny Museum of Paris.

Prompt Word – “Bud”

How much true beauty

Waiting for the right moment

Within a small bud

I am bursting with excitement for soon I will be winging my way to pastures new. You will notice less activity here on “Life is too short for bad wine” for a while as I hope to be consuming (in sensible moderation of course) quantities of good French wine and drinking in the wonders of Europe. TJ’s Haiku will go on! (provided the WiFi works!)

If you would like to follow my adventures then pop over to my new blog, “The Meeple Letters” (Click Here) and I hope you will enjoy a laugh as we wend our merry way. There will be plenty of reviews of the places we visit too, so check it out if you are thinking of visiting Oxford, Italy and France in the near future!

Here is a summary of last week’s great haiku from around the globe in response to the prompt “Edge”

Ritu up first this week with a riverside reflection and the fabric of the matter. Lovely

Kat Myrman is on edge here with a wonderful couple of takes on the prompt.

Freya has a deep message here with a very striking image and a very beautifully crafted haiku pair.

Hélène Vaillant has us on the brink with a lovely image and an “edgy” haiku.

Ramblings of a Writer comes with a wise warning in haiku form this week.

Neel has a wonderful haiku here with love balancing on a knife’s edge. Very clever imagery!

I love the sense of drama in Tucked Into a Corner’s triplet of haiku this week. You will too!

Image and Word has us on the edge between life and the other thing. Very good writing.

Janet of On the Land has me with the photos let alone the haiku. It’s fluffy bunnies-a-go-go here this week.

Welcome to Stutter-Stepping Heart with a chain of haiku twirling pirouettes on a knife’s edge. Wonderful.


Would you like to join in? Just write a haiku based on anything related to the picture or the prompt word and leave a link in the comments (press the black speech bubble to access).

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        1. Oh dear! I hope those neighbours of yours are not playing up again! Our next door neighbour has just installed a motion sensor spot light (I assume to deter burglars) and everytime the wind blows out bedroom lights up like a roman candle. I haven’t the strength to speak to him before we go away. 🙂


          1. “Oh dear” is right–having your bedroom light up could certainly be problematic…for sleep, etc 🙂
            My situation has worsened, sadly–the latest tenant’s “issues” are frightening, as he’s been here mere months and has assaulted another tenant as well as his own live-in girlfriend. And when I spoke with the manager this morning to ask if she’s getting my emails–she said she’d look for them…. The police can’t help if victims refuse to lay charges, and management’s position is leniency unless criminal charges pile up…. Could you maybe fit me in a Meeple’s suitcase so I might escape??

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Oh I am so sorry to hear this. It is so hard living near such people and if you don’t get any help from the management it must be very frustrating (and worrying). I wish you could join us. Take care and I will be lighting candles for all my friends in every church (and there will be very many) I visit in Europe. I am praying for you.


          3. Ohhhh, I love that you are lighting candles for me all over Europe–how lovely!! I’m guessing you are Catholic?? My dear cousin, “St” Theresa is, and very devout, but very down to earth too–and Funny! We talk long-distance, sharing faith, life’s crap, and make each other laugh. I’m babbling now, sleep-deprived “high”. Thank you so much for the prayer-exchange, as you and your family are in mine each night too 🙂 May your trip exceed your dreams and overflow with blessings!

            Liked by 1 person

          4. Thank you so much for your good wishes and prayers. I am a catholic with great reservations. You have to have a good laugh when you are a believer. The bible is full of absurd people struggling along. That why it speaks to me. I really like the churches in France. There is still a great feeling of faith in them. Also the singing is much nicer I find (I like the old stuff!). I am not a fan of “happy-clappy” music which is the preferred style of most Aussie churches (usually sung by a lady who unfortunately sounds like a crow). Now I am rambling and will have to feel guilty for being uncharitable. Oh dear!


          5. Thanks for the entertaining ramble 🙂 One of the reasons I love the Bible, is that the folks are as you described–just like me! Sometimes I find myself reading along and saying, “I can’t believe you did something that stupid!” Only to realize I wouldn’t have been any smarter or holier…the fact that God loves and embraces, and has even named many of them in the Hall of Faith regardless of their foibles and abject failings, leaves me both awed and comforted. He didn’t give up on them, and He won’t give up on me 🙂 As far as “church music”, I like both–there are some old hymns that really do it for me, and some days I really need the happy-clappy to lift my dull despairing spirit. The Aussies have Hillsong United–which is phenomenal music! And Planet Shakers is also good! Not a crow among ’em 🙂 Back to your shoes–I wonder how many, if any, travelers will notice they are works of art…

            Liked by 1 person

          6. Hill song is certainly growing in popularity and I can understand why. Their approach seems very sensible and inspiring. I don’t mind modern as long as it isn’t a bad rendition of a Mariachi Band. Unfortunately that seems to be the preferred style of the Catholic Churches in our diocese. 🙂 I will certainly let you know about the reaction to the shoes in a few days when we land in England!


          7. Oh dear, I love good Mariachi–but bad renditions, and in church, would be torment 🙂 Blessings on your trip to England–safety, good health, and memories to last a lifetime 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

          8. Thanks so much! I have at last been able to connect to the internet here in Oxford. Hope you are absolutely spiffing. 🙂


    1. How lovely to meet you and thank you so much for sharing your haiku! And what a great one at that! They are surprisingly hard to write well and you have done a great job. The combination of lovely imagery with clever use of words is very charming. Great photo too! Hope to see you back next week!


    1. What a gorgeous haiku and lovely artwork! Thanks so much for the kind wishes too! I have so enjoyed reading your entries each week. Something to look forward too! Best wishes. TJ


    1. Thanks so much! So delighted you liked the prompt. I will be seeing the golden rose again soon. It is truly a wonderful object of romance.


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