Sensible Shoes

Sensible Shoes are a must for the traveller. Here is my solution for what to wear in Paris this winder.

The Meeple Letters

I am sure the Renaissance artist d’Antonio could never have dreamed of having his little “daub” made into a masterpiece like this pair of Doc Martens

Dear …

Having completed my packing I made one fatal error.

I went shopping.

Now my case was already fit to burst and just a fraction underweight, but there are times when one must throw all caution to the winds and grab the fortune fate see fit to chuck your way.

I did not need more Doc Martens. Until that moment I did not want more Doc Martens. But any right minded person will see, upon observing these shoes, that I simply had to have these Doc Martens.

See how discreetly the pattern blends with plain blue jeans.

While not a “head-kicker” by nature, nor renowned for “givin’ a bit of bova!” I have always had a secret hankering for Doc Martens. Having been a 1980’s…

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