Day the 5th – Stonehenge and Beyond

Contemplating a trip to Stonehenge? Take out a bank loan first!

The Meeple Letters

Gothic tracery at Salisbury Cathedral Salisbury Cathedral – This charming painted stone roof of a tiny room in the Cathedral showed how bright the original must have been where all the surfaces of the now plain stone were painted.


In which we see a badger and other things.

Having recovered from the strenuous exploration of Oxford we finished the evening with dinner with The Don, who most kindly suggested that we take a moonlit stroll about Oxford and poke our heads into some of the less accessible parts of Magdalen College.

As we approached Magdalen a shadowy form burst from the shadows and shot across the road in front of us.

A badger!

Even The Don was rather chuffed as he had never seen one before.

He used his magic key which seems to open every door in Oxford and we peered into the chapel, the cloister and the dining hall where we were…

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