TJ’s Household Haiku – Peeking

Yellow daisies in Oxford
Yellow daisies in Oxford
Daisies on the top of a wall surrounding a private garden in Oxford

Tell me what you see,

Peeking over unafraid.

You impudent blooms!

TJ’s Household Haiku is back!

Many apologies to anyone out there who has been dropping by over the last month or so to check the prompt only to find it unchanged.

Great plans while travelling to keep up the challenge did not come to fruition I am afraid but I will do my best to keep up the weekly challenge each Saturday from now on.

The last prompt was “ghost”

Butterfly house
A butterfly in the butterfly house at Blenheim Palace

This produced some very fine haiku which I share with you below. Do take the time to check out the links.

Stutter-Stepping Heart started the contributions with this truly beautiful linked trio of haiku. Goosebumps guaranteed.

Tucked into a Corner has written 3 haiku about starting off in a new home and the ghost of past dwellers. Wonderful ideas here.

On The Land has shared an encounter with this evocative and excellent haiku

Ritu has a provocative piece with lovely imagery. Do you believe? (I do)

flordaborne has shared a wistful haiku about love and nature. Great photo too!

Ruth from Image and Word shares how we can be trapped amongst the ghosts of the past. Very evocative.

Kat Myrman has a panache for looking at the prompt from a range of unique angles. This is no exception.

Judy Martin has a Halloween theme here and great to see Haiku back on her writing agenda.

Kia has shared a personal reflection about his own connections. Do people we love ever really leave us? Thank Kia for your words.

Neelwritesblog has finished the collection with some lovely imagery of fleeting beauty.

Would you like to participate? It is easy!

Just write your own post on your blog and add a link to your haiku on this post in the comments section. (press the black speech bubble to access comments). I will summarize the contributions in the next post.

If you have posted a link and I haven’t mentioned you then please let me know. Sometimes I miss a comment and would hate to not showcase your work.

Haiku Hub

Haiku Hub is a community of writers interested in the art of Haiku. You can check out a list of members here and if you would like to join the Haiku Hub community just let me know in the comments and I will add you to the list. You don’t have to only write haiku or participate in any haiku events unless you would like to.

Best wishes to you!

TJ Paris

Haiku Hub Badge copyright TJ Paris 2016


    1. Thank you so much for your kind wishes. It is lovely knowing kind hearts are still setting the beat out there. I am in Paris as you have worked out from my long winded babbling until the end of December. We have “long service leave” in Australia (not sure if it is an American thing) that if you work for 8-10 years at one place you get 10 weeks holiday so we took the chance to make a life dream for my daughter and I come true and spend 2 months in Paris. Unfortunately my better half had to go home back to work but the wonders of the internet mean we can be in contact every day. I am counting my blessings for being able to travel for so long.


      1. WOW, this is a wonderful blessing–and I am so happy that you could realize this dream with your daughter–also, very thankful that the Internet keeps you and the Mrs close yet far. Long service leave sounds very wonderful. I’ve forgotten–do you only have the one child? Just curious πŸ™‚ Keep well and safe as we continue to pray for you in less magical places… I wonder if you’ll have New Year’s Eve in Paris? That is supposed to be spectacular. Though I find it spectacular in my living room, watching the Seattle Space Needle show each year–tears welling with whatever πŸ™‚ I’m so easily thrilled and moved… πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Helen and I are going to travelling home on December 31st so will be in the air on New Years eve (we had to leave France by that date or we would overstay the allowed length of time) We will see Christmas though with some friends who are also going to be in Paris at Christmas and we can “skype” the family (I have four more kids, all boys) as well. It is going to be strange being away at Christmas but it was a once in a lifetime opportunity too good to miss. The Seattle Space Needle show sounds very spectacular but I am sorry that it produces tears. Hope you have a lovely weekend. TJ


          1. 4 boys, oh MY! Have a great time, TJ–you all are in my prayers for safety and good health πŸ™‚ And tears are just part of the sentimental poet garb… πŸ™‚

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Thank you so much for your wishes. I have been spending the week rushing about chateaus, museums and art shops. The boys continue in Australia to be themselves (which is what they should be) and I cannot believe another week has gone by. Hope you have had a lovely week too!


  1. Those daisies seem to be quite high up, or else you were down quite low. Are they considered a weed there? There are some plants that were brought to our area many years ago, because they were so pretty, that is, until people realized they spread rapidly and became a very invasive shrub.

    I’m glad you are posting haiku challenges again.

    Here is my contribution.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Pat! We have a problem in Australia with “morning glory” which looks lovely but is officially a weed and very hard to stop once in the garden. Thanks for joining in this week. TJ


  2. Thank you for the prompt. I’m glad you are having an absorbing time in Europe. The haiku that I’ll be linking uses a homonym. I am not sure if that is stretching the scope of the challenge?

    Liked by 1 person

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