Day 5 Bath

Off to Bath and to trace the very steps of Jane Austin herself!

The Meeple Letters

Bath Cathedral Regency England Birds fly over the lovely Bath Cathedral


Having left Salisbury behind we drove swiftly on to Bath. Helen, a keen and academic historian, had read deeply of the best historical texts relating to this ancient spa, namely all of the works of Georgette Heyer and Jane Austin, and was consequently eager to trace the steps of her favorite heroines first hand. Max, as usual, was just hoping there would be some sort of icecream to be had.

As the graceful crescents appeared across the valley, the very epitome of Georgian elegance, the family let out a unified “Awww”, principally as I swerved off the road almost causing our adventures to abruptly end splattered on a cliff face.

I drove my white-knuckled family into the town and thankfully found a parking space well clear of the centre which I can only imagine must have been a nightmare for coaches and sedan…

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