TJ’s Household Haiku – Drift

Autumn leaves in the Jardin du Luxembourg
Autumn leaves in the Jardin du Luxembourg
In the Jardin du Luxembourg as the last of the autumn leaves drift across the park these chrysanthemums picked up a few.

Prompt word: Drift

Leaves in autumn winds

Drift across the flower beds

A magic carpet

Bonjour from Paris mon amis! I stopped by the lovely Jardin du Luxembourg for a stroll today and came across this garden bed covered by the last of the autumn leaves. Hopefully it will give you some ideas for a haiku this week!

Many thanks to those who came back on board last week and hope to see a few more this weekend. Apologies to a few I missed last week which I include in the list today.

ARE YOU NEW? Don’t hesitate to join in by adding a link to your haiku in the comments section.(press the black speech bubble to access comments). You might like to join the Haiku Hub community too! (click HERE to find out more)

Yellow daisies in Oxford
Daisies on the top of a wall surrounding a private garden in Oxford

Last week the prompt was “Peeking” and brought out a few lovely haiku.

A charming photo and post from Pat B

Ritu has a delightful photo of a little “looker” this week.

The Poetry Channel has a perfect haiku here looking skywards.

Judy Martin has a few accomplices in her haiku this week. Cozy.

Tucked Into a Corner has a hot triple number this week. On fire!

Homonym are here from On the Land. Great take!

Delyn Merce has produced a beautiful cascading haiku ablaze with symbolism. Smoke gets in your eyes!

Two additional contributors to the prompt Ghost are featured here with apologies!

The Shivas Ponder has love and butterflies in this charming haiku.

Lady Lee Manila has some haunting imagery to share in this double haiku.



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