Day 6 Warwick

The Meeple Letters

Warwick Castle England The fairytale Warwick Castle is a fantastic sight.

Dear …,

Having returned from the Oxford antique markets laden with treasure we determined that we would take a jaunt to Worcester Cathedral and so duly “saddled up” Pamela and took off into the delightful English countryside.

As we hurtled along the M something or other we espied a sign indicating that Warwick castle was en route.

Much to the consternation of Pamela, who detected our flagrant deviation from her well articulated instructions, we ignored her completely and before you could say “antidisestablishmentarianism” found ourselves at the very gates of this medieval fortress.

Warwick castle The huge fortress loomed into view.

Unfortunately before passing through the “very gates” we were obliged to fork out practically all of our pounds, but as Warwick was touting itself to be some sort of “Dark Ages Disneyland” and Max was already beguiled by the promise of real “dungeons” I…

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