TJ’s Household Haiku – Sun and Moon

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The sun turns away

And there, in its fiery wake

The moon, reflecting

Welcome back to the Haiku Hub!

It’s been a while, I know and many apologies to the faithful still dropping by the check if a haiku has appeared. I hope, in my absence, your creative talents have not gone unfulfilled and  that, now the Haiku juggernaut has been pushed over the edge into 2017 there will be a veritable landslide of Haiku ready to pour forth in its wake.


Basically the theme this week is “Sun and Moon”, those strangely opposing yet intrinsically linked celestial bodies.

You don’t have to use the words within the haiku, just find some inspiration from them. Or you can use the picture prompt.

About the photo: When I was in France recently I bought a detective magazine from the 1920s and this was on the cover. Having had a love of Art Deco design forever, I snapped it up for a mere 2 euros. This is a picture of the notorious (and beloved) master criminal Arsene Lupin who is well known throughout France, but it seems, nowhere else. I thought it rather metaphoric as I had determined to eschew the charms of the French ladies myself despite their manifold beauties. Thankfully no French ladies made any concerted effort to gain my affections, no doubt too overawed by my massive beard to make any attempt.

If you are new to the Household Haiku Challenge then all you need to do is create a haiku and post it on your own WordPress page and then leave a link to it in the comments section at the end of the post (just press the little black speech bubble to access it.) You are welcome to use the photo or just put in one of your own.

Happy 2017 everyone (belated as this wish is) and I hope to see you dropping by in the weeks to come.

TJ Paris






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