The Golden Meal

Yellow daisies in Oxford
Golden daisies on the top of a wall surrounding a private garden in Oxford. How my chicken nuggets remind me of them.

I’m wondering how many people out there have a set day where they cook a certain type of meal?

I would love to compose a list of people’s cooking ‘days’.

Do you have a Friday Fryday?

A Sundae Monday?

A S’moresday Thorsday?

OK, I know I am pushing it now…

Anyhoo…Why not share in the comments your favorite ‘go to’ meal on your lazy Sunday or your Worn Out Wednesday. If you want to write a post on it and leave a link in the comments for others to read and enjoy then please go ahead. You may even want to share a tried and true recipe.

In our home we have what we call ‘a golden meal’. Basically requires 3 ingredients.

  1. Frozen Crumbed Anything
  2. Oven bake chips
  3. Quantities of boiling oil


Boil oil and then open the bag of chips and the box of crumbed things.

Place oven chips in oven and cook until golden at nuclear heat.

Throw crumbed things in boiling oil and cook until golden.

Put chips and crumbed things on plate and serve.

1 golden meal.

NOTE: If you are health conscious you could add a small lettuce leaf or a cherry tomato but keep them well away from the plate to avoid ruining the golden goodness.


  1. Hmm… I like to call it Tarka Tuesday – Tarka is the Punjabi name for the cooked spice mix that is at the base of every Indian curry. Then I ‘go to’ my Mother in law, and we eat a vegetarian curry that she has made! It is a regular, on a Tuesday, as my in-law’s family don’t eat meat on a Tuesday (long story). My hubby is a meat eater, and this is the only time he will happily eat home cooked curry!!!

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  2. My mouth started watering and my stomach growling. I don’t really have a “day”–though sometimes Fri or Sat night is similar to yours–frozen egg rolls/spring rolls popped in the oven…whatever doesn’t require actual cooking. However, that said–sometimes I DO cooking for the week on Sat/Sunday…so it might be a pot of soup, or smothered okra (with meat/seafood), homemade mac & cheese or spaghetti….you get the picture: if you show up hungry, there’s probably something I can thaw out or stir up 🙂

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  3. When I was growing up, Sunday “dinner,” which was served immediately after church, was fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and seasonal vegetables–home canned in the winter time, fresh garden produce in the summer. Sunday supper was either pancakes or creamed peas on toast. Unlike my mom, I have never been the most predictable where it comes to food. The menu depends on what is available in the fridge and pantry and how much time I want to spend preparing. Last night, for instance, we had store-bought crackers, deli salads and deli cupcakes for dessert. Tonight, I’m planning homemade tacos made with fresh-roasted kabocha squash, greens and fresh red and green bell peppers. That’s if I get this article I’m working on today whipped into shape in time!

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    1. Now this sounds delicious. We seem to be a much more adventurous lot compared to our parents. Maybe we have access to better ingredients? Best wishes and thanks for writing. TJ

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      1. I do think so, yes. Living in California, I have access year round to a cornucopia of fresh, seasonal foods and fresh spices, many of which I doubt my mom had heard of when I was growing up. Still, I love those old comfort foods.

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