TJ’s Household Haiku

Tree Cathedral
Standing here in the soft grass I took this picture while a gentle breeze gave the slightest ripple of movement in the treetops. Taken in spring in Versailles

The insular trees

Whispering conspiritors

My! How very arch!

Prompt words – “Arch and Tree”

Hi all!

Back again after a weeks absence due to the vicissitudes of life. Many thanks for the comments and the contributions as a result of the prompts. Here is a windup of the Haikus from the last challenge

Floridaborne has produced let the cat out of the bag here.

Lady Lee Manila has two lovely contrasting images to go with the great haiku.

Judy Martin has a different takes on the prompt words “Spring and Cold”

Tucked Into a Corner has a wonderfully image filled trilogy of haiku here.

Ritu has brightened our day with this haiku!

TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Spring & Cold

Annette Rochelle Aben has sees a silver lining in this haiku.

Olga has a most stunning photograph to accompany her excellent haiku this round.

Miss Muzzy has a distinct preference this round with a great haiku.

Kat Myrman has spring’s fickle nature summed up here.

Fickle Spring

Sangbad has experimented with a variety of haiku and related forms to produce a cornucopia of excellent poems.

Peri Stone has a great example of the variation on a theme here.

And last but not least, Ryan Rockes has a wonderful haiku filled with imagery here.

Feel like joining in? Just write a haiku (or indeed haikus) responding to the prompt words or the photo prompt which you are welcome to use on your post and then post a link in the comments to be mentioned in the next review.

Best wishes! TJ Paris





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