Midweek Gratitude – Event

Windsor Castle England
We can see grey walls or the sunshine sparkles. Look for the sunshine I say!

Oh Wednesday!

Each week

Promising a future Saturday over the hill.

I know Mondayitis is a “thing”. I wonder if “Wednesdayitis” is too?

That “hump day” as I have heard it called, when the weekend does not seem so far away, but still a whole three days to go before the weekend. (I apologise to those brave individuals who work weekends and wonder do you have a “hump day” of your own?)


Rather than sit and envisage the week stretching on interminably before me I thought I would initiate a “Midweek Gratitude” event where we take a few moments to list three things we are grateful for each Wednesday. I will collate all the responses and share them next week. (PS: if you are not working for whatever reason please do share each week too!)

So…what do you do?

Simply add in the comments 3 things you are grateful for this Wednesday. They can be serious, funny, whimsical, but of course never grubby or low (not that I think any of you capable of descending to filthy innuendo or toilet humor).

Press the black speech bubble to access the comments and stop by next week to see what people mentioned.

My Three Things for Wednesday 17th May

  1. My 5 Wonderful Children
  2. The Perfect blue sky and the cool Autumn day outside
  3. Expecting a friend for dinner this evening

There…I feel better about Wednesday already.




  1. Hey, Tim. I don’t have a Wednesday Hump Day since I retired four years ago, but I did feel it when I was working. I’ll still contribute to the three things I’m grateful for even though Wednesdays don’t matter anymore.
    1. I’m still alive.
    2. I still have a creative mind.
    3. Photography and poetry have enhanced my life. ❤

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    1. Thanks so much for being the first contributor Olga! I am hoping people just enjoy a look at a few positive things each Wednesday and I am grateful for you sharing. Photography and poetry are two things that have changed my life in making me look at the world in a different way regularly too. Hope you have a lovely rest of Wednesday. 🙂

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  2. Great idea Tim!
    1) my hayfever medication! Oh it was bad yesterday!)
    2) my children *noisy, crazy, annoying… but I love Em!)
    3) my umbrella! (Today it is pouring…and meant to all day!)

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    1. Thanks so much Ritu! I sympathise with the hayfever. We so seldom need umbrellas here in Perth I usually forget to take one when it actually rains. Kids make the world bright (most days) 🙂

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      1. The umbrella was most handy yesterday evening! We went to my son’t parents evening and I had my coat with hood, but on and hubby didn’t… needless to say if my trusty lil umbrella wasn’t in my bag they would have ended up like drowned rats!

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  3. I love Wednesdays as they are the day when my Home Educated, 9 year old Granddaughter comes to me and we do creative stuff together.
    Creativity, grandchildren and good health are what I’m grateful for today.
    (and “Toodles”! – I shall be using that one. Thanks TJ)

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  4. My first is easy:
    1) This morning, I thought it was Tuesday, but it’s really Wednesday, so one less day before the weekend. 🙂
    2) My teen son is working ten feet away, and I’m grateful he gets to learn at home with me and be happy.
    3) My little son wants to learn Dungeons & Dragons and the starter set arrived today so we can play as a family this weekend.

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    1. What a great set of gratitudes. I know how precious these times with the kids are when they are growing up. The grow up so quickly. I treasure these sorts of memories of our 5 too!


  5. 1. It’s raining heavily and that means I don’t have to water the many pots in the garden tonight! I planned to have less this year but ….
    2. I had a wonderful trip to Malaga last week and feel so much better for it.
    3. Donald Trump is not my President but I’m not sure if I’ll be much happier after our election on June 8th,

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  6. 1. For my WordPress buddies, including your good self.
    2. For shade (I’m in a hot place).
    3. For the fact that my iPhone (and main camera) can be jump-started when it appears to have died – long may that last! You’ve reminded me that I’d better download my latest pictures, just to be on the safe side…

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  7. Well, it’s Friday for me already but I am still grateful.
    1. That I am retired and all days are weekends in a sense.
    2. My daughter that I have not seen in almost a year is coming into town for a visit this weekend.
    3. My yard is filled with colorful song birds, darting and dancing among the trees.

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