TJ’s Household Haiku

Flock of Birds, Perth, Western Australia
Instinct driven, the birds fly overhead


There in the blue sky,

A flock of doves making notes

Writing melodies.

These birds looked to me a little like a piece of written music as they wheeled overhead. Far to difficult for my hands to play.

Welcome to TJ’s weekly haiku challenge,

The prompt words for this week are “Melody and blue”. You can use either the prompt words or the picture as an inspiration for your own haiku post and share a link to your prompt in the comments (press the little black speech bubble.)

Last week the prompt was “Arch and Tree” and inspired some wonderful haiku.

Two on a Rant combined light and seasons in this clever haiku.

But I Smile Anyway has the perfect haiku for the image. A truly great final line.

TJ’s Household Haiku – Arch & Tree

A tragic nod to loss from Annette Rochelle Aben. Majestic trees brought down.

A charming haiku from Edwina’s Episodes with a wonderful photo of trees in the mist.

Three dimensional wonder from Tucked Into a Corner. All wonderful interpretations of the theme.

Anxious words from By Sarah this week with a very interesting look at the picture prompt.

Stuff and What If has shared a most wonderful photo to use as the inspiration for the great haiku this week. Hearts all round!

Wishing Bones Poetry joins for the first time this week with a haven of peace inspired by the prompt. Beautiful words.

Like Mercury Colliding has not only come up with a wonderful haiku but also created a new piece of art from the original photo. Do check out both. Love it!


This is a Haiku Hub event.

Haiku Hub Badge copyright TJ Paris 2016




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