TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge

Gothic tracery at Salisbury Cathedral

One ancient summer

A busy creature weaving

Webs on the ceiling

Welcome to TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge.

Join in the fun. The prompt words for this week are “Weave” and “Ancient” or you can use the photo as a thought provoker. 🙂

Just add a link to your haiku in the comments section by pressing the little black speech bubble.

Many thanks to those who stopped by last week to respond to the prompts “Melody and Blue

You can check out the haiku by visiting the links below!

This is a haiku hub event. If you would like to use the haiku hub logo in your post and join our group of Haiku Hubbers, we would love to see you amongst our band of haiku devotees.

Haiku Hub Badge copyright TJ Paris 2016

First up, Annette Rochelle Aben singing the blues in this great haiku

Floridaborne has in full flight with this lovely haiku

Ritu heralds springtime here with this skillful poetic piece

TJ’s Household Haiku – Melody & Blue

A cry of freedom in this great interpretation of the prompt by “By Sarah”

A different take on the prompt by Judy E Martin washing away the blues. Lovely

Olga’s beautiful flower photography enhances the charming haiku this week. Enjoy!

Melody ebbing and flowing in Radhikasreflection this week. Beautiful

A little more dark from “Like Mercury Colliding” and, as always, a wonderfully imaginative take on the prompt.




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    1. It is thrilling to see what comes up each week. Such a simple poetry form with so much potential and each interpretation unique. Hope you are having a splendid week. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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