Rewind Tuesday – Papa Bouilloire Goes to Oxford 1

Magdalen Chalep
Magdalen College. CS Lewis’ regular seat is 2 in from the top left.

In my early days of blogging I was fortunate enough to spend two magical weeks in Oxford. Although I had my professional obligations, namely keeping a distant eye on 16 students as they undertook a study programme in that August seat of learning, I did have an opportunity to pen details of my journey, suitably disguised under the moniker of “Papa Bouilloire”

If you want to join me on this journey then I will post a link each Tuesday to the original adventure.

The first installment tells of our arrival in Old Blighty and is filled with fascinating details of the London ‘mise en scène”.

Instruction and jollity aplenty for the devotees of art, culture and low farce. (and some rather nice photos too, if I do say so myself)

Click below and join in the rewind. Toodles!


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