Midweek Gratitude – Event

Hedge Maze, Blenheim Palace
Life can sometimes be a maze we all struggle to find our way through. This maze a Blenheim Palace was simply amazing.

Wednesday rolls around again and what a week it has been!

Thanks to those who popped by last week to share their three thoughts of gratitude for the week.

If you would like to share three things you are grateful for this week then add a link to your post in the comments or include them straight into the comment section and I will share them next week.

These are my three for this week

  1. Australia’s wonderful medical system. All Australians get access to excellent, free health care when they need it. To know that if you are unwell and need help regardless of your personal financial position is a great comfort when your are ill. I wish everyone in the world had the same.
  2. I am grateful for my kid’s attitude to work. All of my kids have had jobs since they were teenagers. They want to be independent and are happy to do jobs that might not be their life’s perfect career, but see their jobs as a starting place and a chance to get experience and skills (and a little hard earned cash)
  3. My mum and dad. I am still so fortunate to have them nearby and there for me still at 47. I don’t know what I would do without them and the lessons they have taught me as a kid and the love they give me as an adult. My kids love them to bits too! A big shout out to older parents all around the world who are still there in the background for their grown up children who sometimes still need a hug!

You can check out last week’s contributions HERE

The Recovering Know It All shared these

  1. Family: I love my family. Years and even decades of wasted time and opportunities to cherish and cultivate relationship with those no longer with us have taught me to never take for granted the Family I still have with me.
  2. Life: The recent bombings overseas have reminded me this week that our lives are fragile, short and can quickly be ended without notice, cause or even good reason. I’m grateful for my own life and the lives of those around me.
  3. Work: I’m thankful to have work that I love and that helps people on a daily basis. What no do matters to real people with real families like mine in real need. There is never a day where I go to work that I hate showing up.


I am grateful for making rice pudding that turned out really good, for a fabulous hot shower this morning and a soothing, foot soak!

Wait! What? It’s Wednesday again?!? HOW DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?

Well, then, I must lead with:
1) Time flies by so fast now that any bad day must soon be gone.
2) My husband had to travel for work today, but he will be home again tomorrow, and I’ll have had a day to miss him and remember there could be such a thing as life *gasp* without him. (God forbid.)
3) The rhododendrons are starting to bloom, reminding me of where I grew up, where I live now, and our wedding many moons ago


  1. I’m grateful that:
    1) My little son has become more cooperative about learning something outside of school before a trip we have scheduled.
    2) My home schooling son had mistakenly failed to record three weeks of work he actually completed, so we are NOT going to be doing this year’s work after the due date I’d set.
    3) You almost never hear of spontaneous human combustion anymore, now that smoking is less popular.

    I had to stretch for that last one, but it’s a topic I have found oddly fascinating for most of my life. 😉

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