TJ’s Household Haiku

Warwick Castle interior
One of the beautiful rooms in Warwick Castle I captured in the late afternoon sun.

Caught in the sunlight

Floating in the musty air

Drifting memories

The prompt words for this week are “Drift and air”. You can use the prompt words or anything from the picture as an inspiration for your own haiku.

Thanks to those that joined the “Ancient and Weave” prompt last week.

Ritu started us off with three great takes on the prompt. Beautifully woven poetry.

TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Ancient & Weave

Floridaborne ponders what the ancients would make of present technology.

Sarah reflects on the artisanship of the ancients.

We weave the stories of the past from Annette Rochelle Aben

Relationsdbeverly shared a haiku directly in the comments. Lovely!

Though hands ancient,
they moved through the weave
like butterflies.

A quest from Olga as we search for peace.

Kat Myrman has us rethinking the image in this great haiku.

Ancient Weave – A Haiku

Judy Martin has treasure in amongst the thatch this week. Love the picture too of my ultimate dream home. 🙂


Like to join in? It’s easy. Just leave a link to your haiku post in the comments section (press the little speech bubble at the end of this post) and I will feature a link to your haiku in the next challenge.

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    1. I am so flattered (blushing under my flowing beard) Sorry for missing last Saturday but my computer was missing its charger! Now all sorted. See you on Saturday via the bloggerverse.


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