Midweek Gratitude – Event

Yellow daisies in Oxford
Life is not always greener on the other side of the fence. Be grateful for what you have around you.
Another week rolls around with so many things to be grateful for.
My focus has been on fun this week and the gratitude I feel for enjoying good times with friends and good memories of loved ones (an catching mice)
1. Fancy dress parties – a friend turned 50 on Saturday and had a 60s,70s and 80s fancy dress party. I am sure youngsters would have cringed at all us middle aged people dancing about in Adam Ant costumes or shocking mullet wigs but it was a great night and all the music took us back to our youth. Although I do have a sore knee after shimmying on the dance floor I enjoyed every minute of it and my huge argyle check pants were so heinous that everyone wanted them.
2. Old fashioned recipes – I made an old fashioned custard from scratch and it brought back memories of my wonderful grand mother who taught us all to cook. Even though my saucepan was new and perfectly non-stick I could almost hear her saying as I stirred the custard constantly with the old wooden spoon “You must never leave a custard alone. It is sure to catch on the bottom and be ruined.” Just cooking the custard brought back some wonderful memories.
3. “The Big Cheese” mousetrap. We have had a mouse invasion and I hate putting out the old fashioned traps only to find sad little corpses in the morning to dispose of. “The Big Cheese” mousetrap is a metal box that lures the mice in when you put something tasty inside (they seem to love peanut butter) and you can let them out without hurting them, although a crow got one just moments after I let one of them go much to my horror the other day. Oh well…the circle of life and all that.
Thanks to those that shared their gratitude from last week.

I am grateful for unexpected ways to earn more money, a family that loves each other and feeling pretty darn healthy!

Grateful for the chance to meet my best friends baby, a week off and a fantastic interview with Annette!!!


The Recovering Know it All has two great summaries of his gratitudes for the past two weeks. You will really enjoy reading what he has shared.


I’m grateful that:
1) My little son has become more cooperative about learning something outside of school before a trip we have scheduled.
2) My home schooling son had mistakenly failed to record three weeks of work he actually completed, so we are NOT going to be doing this year’s work after the due date I’d set.
3) You almost never hear of spontaneous human combustion anymore, now that smoking is less popular.

I had to stretch for that last one, but it’s a topic I have found oddly fascinating for most of my life. 😉



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