The Fire Pit

Whitefriars Paperweight (Large)
This is a close up shot of a Whitefriar’s Millefiori (a thousand flowers) paperweight I picked up in my travels. How “Amazing Leslee'”s predictions of the stars rang true!

Anyone who read the terrible tale of my poor grass tree’s encounter with fire may wonder that I would ever venture to ignite anything again.

I am not a pyromaniac but I will confess there is something rather nice about sitting around a roaring fire, sipping at a glass of wine and talking drivel with a comrade for an hour or two.

I was remarking as much to my 19 year old son who suggested that we should have a “fire pit” about which we could spend a chilly evening in the back yard, drinking beers and roasting marshmallows. “Excellent plan boyo!” I replied.

And then I went onto you tube to waste more of my life watching pointless collections of people injuring themselves in comical ways to find a recommended video entitled “Amazing Leslee – Pisces Horoscope for the first week of June”

Of course I had to check it out although raised from childhood to eschew such nonsense.

Amazing Leslee is indeed amazing. She appears to be propped in her chair and her face shows all the signs of the plastic surgeon’s art (or perhaps the bricklayer’s, so troweled on is her make up) She speaks with the air of one perhaps slightly sozzled and deals out the tarot cards with gay abandon.

I was transfixed by her peculiar drawl.

“I am seeing that you might be thinking of fixing up your home.” says she.

“I don’t know why but I am seeing something like a fire pit where you can have some beers and perhaps roast marshmallows.”

All of my disbelief fell away at that moment.

Amazing Leslie had just repeated from the depth of her American Flag coloured feather boa our very words of just moments before!

I have watched Amazing Leslie since but sadly she does not seem on form and her endless prognostications about exciting things on the horizon regarding romance leave me singularly unmoved.

Oh well, she got the fire pit bit right and I actually went and bought one on the weekend and my son and I have enjoyed watching a modest and constantly guttering flame aglow in the metal bowl whilst being kippered in the smoke.

Good times.

Why not share your Birth Sign in the comments and don’t forget to find Amazing Leslee.

The Truth Is Out There! 🙂


  1. There is just something cool and manly about a roaring fire and guys around it with adult beverages. Whether in the woods or just on the back porch. Thx 14th. -kia

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