TJ’s Household Haiku

Viacar of Wakefield with illustrations by Hugh Thomson
Viacar of Wakefield with illustrations by Hugh Thomson
My Venetian Letter Opener is ready for action. I am looking out for a crisp linen envelope without a nasty plastic window.

How full my mailbox!

Invitations? Friends’ letters?

Only bills, just only bills.

The prompt words for this week are “Full and Only

How nice it would be to get some old fashioned mail now and then. Letter writing seems to be a forgotten art and the joy of going to the mailbox and finding a lovely invitation or a letter from a distant friend is a rare and precious thing sadly.

Penfriends once abounded and it was a privilege and a pleasure to connect with someone from another land and form a bond that was not at all about “getting something”.

The blogging world has shown me that there are wonderful people out there happy to take the leap and share a little of their world and I am very grateful for it.

So although handwritten missals are not being regularly wedged into my quaint but completely impractical letterbox, I can at least enjoy sharing a thought or a smile with many of you out there via my cyber pen.

I never underestimate the comments or communications I receive. People are very busy these days and sharing a personal connection is not only less simple but also sadly complexed with stories of false identities, manipulation or other sordid motives. To see beyond these and have the confidence to connect with real people who just enjoy the fact that they are sharing a part of themselves with other like minded people who are only interested in genuine friendship is something we would do well to cultivate.

Hope you have a lovely day you lovely bloggers you!

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  1. Your post makes some good points, TJ. I miss the old days of letter writing–I bought boxes of lovely stationery with my allowance, when I was young; and sealing wax was great fun. Emailing is what we have now–at least it goes faster than the old way!

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