TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge

Galerie de glace Versailles3
The Galerie de Glace in Versailles. How many shattered dreams lay on the floor?

The gilded palace.

Dainty feet dance, unkowing,

Upon shattered dreams.


Not every smiling face,

Reveals a smiling heart.

Not every splendid place,

Doth endless joy impart.

For rich and poor all know,

Both happiness and woe.

So do not presuppose,

Wealth, true joy, bestows.

Welcome to TJ’s household haiku. Versailles is a place saturated in excess, happiness and woe. The secret and unrecoverable desires of the servants, the inner workings of the nobles minds. The grace or disfavour of the king, the horror of the French Revolution. How many dreams were crushed on the ballroom floor?

The prompt words for this week are


Thanks to the wonderful contributors from last weeks prompt “PERFUME and JOY

A charming photo and a romantic haiku this week from Two on a Rant

Mick E Talbot has a plethora of perfumed poesy to share.

Annette Rochelle Aben imbues the very air with her mellifluous words

Scentsing a play on words from Edwina’s Episodes this week. Lovely!

Olga reacts to the scent of spring in this delightful haiku

Ritu demonstrates what can be done with different takes on the prompts. Do have a look and be inspired. Pictures, synonyms and prompt words. Be as creative as possible Haiku lovers!

TJ’s Household Haiku – Perfume & Joy

Sarah pricks our consciences in this clever haiku,

And then, Sarah has composed what I feel is a delightful “Haiku Sonnet” using the photo prompt. So very charming.

Charmed Chaos has us under her spell with a love potion.

#Haiku 23: Perfume & Joy

God’s Chair reminds us of simple pleasures in this delightful homage to flowers

Beauty lingers in Prairie Chat’s inspired haiku

Perfume and Joy

Sweet Aroma offers us magic drifting through the summer air


I always anticipate Kat Myrman’s take on the prompt and am never disappointed. Perfumed tears!

Ecstasy’s Perfume

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