Midweek Gratitude

Shadow on a carpark in perth western australia
My Daughter and I on the beach in summer

It’s Wednesday again!

It seems I have hardly done being grateful for last week and I here I am being grateful once more.

All in all it has been a great week. I have just started term holidays. My youngest son has been with me for the week and, although it has been deluging with rain outside, we have had many laughs and been on a jaunt or two. My father is recovering thankfully from a recent major operation and we were able to catch up with my brother who flew across from the other side of our “Wide Brown Land” to be with my father.

If you would like to see what people were grateful for last week, take a trip to last week’s post HERE and enjoy the comments.

So here are my three gratitudes this week.

  1. My brother who helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life
  2. My sweet, kind daughter who is always a ray of sunshine in all of our lives
  3. Surprises – Not all surprises are good, but this week I was surprised to find a solid silver cow creamer at a local “Op Shop”. I have always wanted one and was happy to fork out the cash.

If you would like to share what you are grateful for this week then leave a list in the comments section by pressing the little black speech bubble at the end of this post.

Anyone who has read the “Jeeves” novels of PG Wodehouse will be familiar with Cow Creamers. I have always wanted one our of sheer nostalgia for the book alone but you never see them because they are both super expensive and very rare. Amazingly the charity shop had been given one and they had recognised it a something valuable and priced it accordingly. I won’t say what I paid for it as most people would be horrified to know I had parted with such a sum for a silver cow (I have horrible Biblical images of the Golden Calf) but, since this charity store actively gives employment and training to people with disabilities I didn’t mind as the money goes directly to a very worthy cause. So I got the cow and they got the cash and I saw the staff all “high fiving” each other as I left so we were all winners.

I call the cow “Daisy” and may well use her to serve up the milk at the next afternoon tea.

She is Dutch made and from the hallmarks dates from 1892.

If you look up silver cow creamers please do not judge me… 🙂 It is a silver collector thing.



  1. After a tospy turvy day yesterday, I was at the supermarket and at the check-out, couldn’t find my debit card, not enough cash to pay, so I say to the cashier, please put that on hold and I’ll go to the car to look for the card or the cash. I was at my car and just found the card (Phew!) when the guy behind me in the queue comes along and offers to make up the difference for me, saying “I’ll pay it forward for you”.
    Bless him!!!!!!!! ❤
    I looking forward to an opportunity to pay it forward myself!
    So much good in humankind and it all needs celebrating.

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  2. I cannot judge a person for loving a silver cow creamer. I mean, I wouldn’t personally want to be caught worshipping the golden calf, but I absolutely get swooning with appreciation over whimsical housewares. 😉

    Is it a creamer shaped like a cow? That’s what I’m imagining. I’ve seen similar in ceramic. Obviously, a design meant to put a smile on one’s face!

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    1. Thank you for not judging me 🙂 It is indeed a creamer shaped like a cow. It has a hinged lid on its back with a tasteful fly to lift it up with. You fill it will milk and it pours out of its mouth. It definitely is a talking point (most likely a laughing point). 🙂

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