Into the Unknown FFfAW

Thanks to Grant-Sud for the photo promt for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Into the Unknown

Life, he realized, was a game of brinkmanship. Each decision led to a precipice, and you had to step into the void to make it. Leaving home, career, love, romance; each a leap into the unknown, a plummet, head first to the death of the old self and into the new.

You could find yourself in heaven, or in hell, or be reincarnated.

But you had to take the leap first.

And like so many before, he shuffled round the edge, drawn yet terrified, uncertain but knowing.

He knelt down and dangled his legs over the edge, clinging on for dear life the last time.

The happiness and sorrow, his kids, his wife…

He let go…

And stepped into the divorce court.


  1. Fantastic twist at the end there! I love your take on this prompt; it’s so true how most of our decisions are essentially gambles… kind of scary actually!

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    1. It is very hard for two people going through this to separate out the impact that it has on others. I am sorry to hear about your gandkids. I hope they will see it was for the best in the long run as they grow up. Best wishes to you!


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