Midweek Gratitude

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Don’t shut out happiness! There is something to be grateful for round every corner

Up until now I have been sadly aware that my week has become punctuated by “bin night”. It always seems to be Thursday and time for the rubbish bins to go out. While I am grateful that we have a reliable rubbish collection service I would have much rather been ably to time my week with something a little more glamorous.

“Ah, Thursday again, time to take Natasha and Phebe to the Palais d’Amour for dancing and a candlelit supper.”

instead of

“Damn! Bins again?”

Oh well, Natasha and Phebe will have to wait but at least Wednesday I can be grateful for my realities. Here are three….

  1. Opening my blog to see the little orange dot over the bell and knowing someone out there wants to connect. (always, I am delighted to say, with encouragement and kindness.)
  2. The “Regulars” who drop by to comment and share. They renew my faith in humanity with just one click.
  3. The incentive to write poetry in a world sadly prosaic

What are you grateful for this week? Share in the comments so we can all enjoy your positive thoughts.

Best wishes for a week full of things to be grateful for.

Check out the comment in last week’s post to see what others shared.



  1. grateful for being able to reconnect with encouraging communities, specifically here at WordPress and a recovery group, along with my continuing connection with my therapist, that have all helped bring me back from dark rabbit hole i fell into.

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    1. So glad to hear! It is always a difficult journey but it sounds like you have found the right path. Best wishes for all your future travels on the road to recovery.


  2. 1) Raising kids who enjoy reading so much, they fight over who deserves more space in the bulging library book bag… until clever Mom pulls an extra shopping bag out of her purse to solve the problem.

    2) When my car needed emergency towing the other day, the kids and I were all safe, the tow truck arrived in good time, and the repair was straightforward.
    (My blog post for the story: bit.ly/2tGa5Wn)

    3) My husband brought me flowers yesterday, for no reason except he loves me.

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