TJ’s Household Haiku

St Malo
St Malo
little yachts and canoes wait in the morning light to sail to new adventures

Well back from the shore

My little boat calls sweetly

Coyly, the tide turns….

Prompt words: Well and sweet

This is a photo I took from the ramparts of St Malo. When the tide comes in all of the little flotilla of boats ventures out and flits about the magical islands just off the shore. You could sit for hours just watching them glide about in the ever changing light.

Lovely to see some Tanka comprising some of the compositions this week from Last Week’s prompt (CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT)

As always, we love to see contributions from new writers so be sure to leave a link to your Haiku post in the comment section and add TJ’s Household Haiku to your tags so your entry can be found.

Mick E Tabot has a trio of truth

Nature and order combine in Ritu’s contrasting haiku

TJ’s Household Haiku – Chaos & Order

Two from Sarah with an absolutely delightful photo accompanying the second brilliant haiku.

Order can sometimes be disordered as Reena so well expresses here…

And a haibun from Reena as well so poignant and telling. The accompanying description is food for thought indeed!

Edwina’s Episodes features a battle on the high seas!

Haiku pairings seem the order of the day and Willowdot21 has given us two lovely reflections of the theme.

Annette Rochelle Aben has worked the theme words into a truly witty haiku. Delightful.

Jane Dougherty has perfectly encapsulated the haiku form here. New ways of looking at the world.

Charmed Chaos must, by the very name of the blog, thrive with this theme. She does!

#Tanka: Chaos & Order

Rhadika reflects on the fragility of humanity when nature shows its true power.

Shift n Shake has combined a number of challenges in one post. A great way to get involved with all the poetry challenges out there and a lovely way to appreciate the different forms.

Does love creat order or chaos when it strikes? Prarie Chat tells…

Love Struck

Playing with Words lets his hair down here. Great take on the prompt.


Kat Myrman has seen a new perspective in the reflections of the pools. Wonderful.

Optical Illusion – A Haiku

Olga! My goodness! One of the best photographs of a skyscape I have ever seen. Absolutely beautiful!

No Saint Augustine has a wonderful anecdote to share, accompanying the charming haiku.

God’s Chair has a way of untangling things which is divine.

Sweet aroma has a thought provoking haiku and thoughts for those suffering from natural disasters. Best wishes for them all.


Stories has shared a Jungian Quote (I am a great fan of Jung) and the haiku is perfect.

This is a Haiku Hub event!



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