TJ’s Household Haiku

Nature reserve Perth
Nature reserve Perth
A quite walk by the lake near my work so strangely quite in the midst of a bustling city.

The trees shivering

Drop down collected raindrops

In sad reflections

Prompt words for this week:  “Shiver and rain”

A little belated but “C’est la vie mon amis!”

Bienvenue to you haiku enthusiasts out there. I took a moment between meeting for a stroll through the marshlands which lie strangely surrounded by a freeway and bustling suburbia and the silent scene was mightily soothing.

Many thanks to all those who converted the prompts from last week into a cornucopia of Haikuey goodness. Also well done to those who went for slight different Japanese poetry forms. Always good to “Mix it up a bit!”

As always, apologies in advance if I should be so inept as to miss anyone in the roundup. Always let me know and I will add you in ASAP.

Reena starts us off with a lovely haiku about wellness.

Mick E Talbot has two aquatic takes on the prompts both deliciously refreshing.

Sarah has us welling up here. Lovely.

If wishes were people they would surely be Judy E Martin

Annette Rochelle Aben, the barefoot Comtessa

Feline felicity from Two on a Rant

Willowdot21 has a due of well-formed haiku

Jane Dougherty has constructed a wonderful haibun and you might like to consider the form yourself for next week.

Ritu’s triplet of well-modulated haiku. Lucky Ali G to be imortalised by Ritu’s pen.

TJ’s Household Haiku – Well & Sweet

A wellspring of enchantment from the Bag Lady

TJ’s Household Haiku – August 20, 2017

A spoonful of sugar from No Saint Augustine this week

All is well with the world from God’s Chair this week.

Playing With Words has a wonderful start to the day

Perfect start

A great big “Welcome Back!” to Tucked Into a Corner with three variations on the theme, all winners!

A pure and crystalline haiku from the pen of Kat Myrman

Sweet Well – A Haiku

For each a time and season. And happy birthday wishes to “Storyteller” this week.

Charmed Chaos has a luxurious tanka for us to soak ourselves in

#Tanka: Well & Sweet


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Best wishes to you all,

TJ Paris

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