Just Yesterday

Just Yesterday,

I tossed you in my arms.

Just yesterday you smiled.

Your baby smile.

And all the world was wonderful

And all the world was new

Just yesterday,

Just yesterday….


Just yesterday you smiled with pride,

When you first caught the ball,

And won a ribbon in a race…

did up your own shoelace…

And you looked up, not down, on me.

Just yesterday,

Just yesterday….


Just yesterday you grew so strong, so tall,

And I looked up with pride.

and you still told me “things”,

And talked and laughed,

And let your hair grow long.

Just yesterday,

Just yesterday…


Just yesterday you called,

And though you were now quite “grown up”

You needed lifts back home,

And I never minded.

I loved that you still needed me,

And shared your stories.

Just loving being with you,

In the background.

Just yesterday,

Just yesterday…


Just yesterday you played your “tunes”,

And put on your outlandish shoes,

And found the perfect “fit”,

And became a man…


Just yesterday you told me you were moving out,

And I was so excited for you.

For what young man does not,

Long for freedom?


The unknown?


And tomorrow I will smile,

And hug you close,

And ruffle up your unkempt hair.

This one last time.

And though I know that you’ll be back,

It can never be the same (not quite the same) (not nearly the same).


Tomorrow I will say goodbye my boy.

For today you are packing away,

And yesterday my heart broke.


Just yesterday….

Just yesterday….




  1. My boy is fourteen and just starting to learn to drive. The last fourteen years have gone by so quickly, so what does that mean for the next four? I so wish we could slow down time. I’ll have to stop there, I’ve got something in my eye ….

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          1. I always make sure to have “left-overs” in the fridge (actually meals at the ready) in case of invasion from starving sons and daughters. 🙂

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  2. I shouldn’t have read this today…but it is so exquisitely, beautifully poignant; it’s impossible not to feel your heart beating in your words. This is a classic piece, TJ, the repetition is so effective. I’m stunned and blinking away tears.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh dear! It was a little melodramatic of me given that they are always in an out but it sort of just poured out at the time. I will write something particularly hilarious soon to make up for it. 🙂


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