Jane’s Desk

Jane Dougherty’s Desk – photo courtesy of Jane Dougherty Writes

How many dreams lie on Jane’s desk?


Cheque stubs of life’s purchases.

The cards of yesterday’s birthdays

The blank ones for tomorrow


Forgotten past debts…


Debts to others…


A pencil stub,

worn down from writing.

A pen, filled with potential…



The bits and pieces that tell,

Of moments lost in memory.

The faded photographs…

Once important but now nothing…

And everything.


How many dreams like on Jane’s desk?


A lifetime’s.


In response to Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge. Check it out and join in!



  1. Aw, that made me smile 🙂 You won’t believe me but I don’t actually know where that desk and chair are at this moment. I suspect they are in the attic with all the stuff we didn’t know where to put on the spur of the moment. I’m perched on my usual chair at my guitar pick table in the middle of a room full of boxes at present with the door locked to keep the cats out—our best bit of furniture, an antique Chesterfield, is in here and the cats love trying to destroy it.

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    1. Oh dear! I hope in the last two weeks that things are less chaotic and that you have had a chance to re-establish your personal space. Moving…..what an absolute nightmare.


        1. I could make some remark about the warmth of your hearts keeping you sustained but I know what you really need are the stoves! Best of luck in your hunt before the weather does its “thang”


          1. Oh yes. Luckily in Perth we rarely need heaters. I haven’t used one all this winter, but I know that in Paris over Christmas we blessed the radiators daily. 🙂


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