Take a moment

Take a moment, just to breathe.

A second just to see,

Listen for a little while,



I took this photo in St Malo on my last trip. The last hurrah of the plants before the bitter winter swept them away. How many beautiful moments do we miss in the bustle of our lives? How many times to we fail to enjoy the simple pleasures of our senses as we speed through our life journey? Sometimes we need to stop for a moment and look for the beauty that surrounds us and find joy in the small things that we so often carelessly pass by.

Your day may be filled with toils and care but a moment spent contemplating something beautiful, be it nature or art is so soothing to a troubled mind.

For anyone out there struggling with melancholy, I encourage to you take a day where you look carefully about you and listen for bright things. It could be a person singing in their car, it could be a smiling person in a crowd of serious faces, it could be a simple weed that bravely grows in a sea of asphalt.

Enjoy the moment and store it away, for enough little lights in the darkness will help make your world bright again.

Peace to you!




  1. Thank you for the reminder to stop and appreciate what we have while it’s still here. Soon summer temps of 115 to 120 will be upon us here in Phoenix az. It’s the best time of the year just before that. Spring before the heat. I’ll be doing alot of hoping that it stretches as long as it can. Cheers. -PgMe

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