The Shattered Heart – A Fable

Rodin, The Thinker, Le Penseur
Le Penseur, The Thinker. Rodin
I could sit alone like Le Penseur or go out into the world and discover joy.

Once there was a heart, broken so badly that it had shattered into a hundred pieces, and as it lay there on the ground, more tender hearts took pity on it and collected up the bits. How they worked, these beautiful hearts, with gentle care, fitting the shards together again. A little ribbon here, a piece of tape there…tiny stickers of smiley faces.

And gradually the broken heart was whole again, and although it looked most peculiar with all of its new appurtenances, it never beat with such joy before because it had been touched with so much kindness.


Recently I have been on a journey of discovery…about myself…and about others.

I have had the immense privilege, at a time in my life when I never thought such things could happen, of meeting wonderful people from all ages and walks of life, and I have never been so grateful, for what I have discovered is that the world is still full of beautiful hearts.

People who have the trust to share their own stories, who have been through their own challenges, joys and sorrows, who have found strength and purpose in a world which can seem so overwhelming at times, and who, despite these things, have time to give such joy to others. It has been immensely wonderful as well as extremely humbling.

I have learnt how precious it is just to talk with people. And more importantly to listen.

We can get caught up in the “Text” world where messages ping back and forward, which is a great way to say “Hi” and is fun in itself, but there is nothing like sitting down with another person and having a real conversation. To see a delightful person smiling as they tell you of their happiness, or the seriousness that may pass over their face as they share something important to them is something that no other communication can reproduce or ever hope to match. To sit with another person and hear them laugh and to share that laugh is one of the most delightful moments in life, it is a gift and a trust we too often take for granted.

So I suppose that this is a thanks for all of the beautiful hearts that have helped me rebuild mine and a challenge to show to others what these inspiring hearts have so generously given to me…




  1. This is such a beautiful post made all the better because it has been your experience and how beautiful you have made it seem. Be well and happy with your mended heart 💜🌹🌹


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