The New Me

I’ve been away a while, like some sort of silk encased worm, doing a lot of growing and changing. And so, I have re-emerged in my butterfly form (or do silk worms become moths?). At any rate I am back, and hoping to get into writing again. Little steps and some changes of content but I hope you enjoy what this transformed creature has to offer and look forward to engaging again with the wonderful bloggers and readers who inject interest, intelligence and variety into our daily lives.

Although many of us may currently feel like we are moving through one of Salvador Dali’s more disturbed landscapes, there are still many joys to be had, smiles to be smiled or thoughts to be thunk(?) thinked(?) thoughted(?)

Beauty can still be found and while we navigate through the melting clocks and the strange surreal realities we need little cul de sacs where we can find a delightful distraction or two and a breath of fresh air. I hope that is what I can give.

I am not saying that I may occassionally post a more meditative post now and then, but I have always been a cheery chap at heart and can’t help but stay on the sunny side where I can.

So if you care to join me on my new journey I would be most delighted to have you along for the ride for thankfully border restrictions do not apply here.

“La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin – Life is too short to drink bad wine” still rings true dear readers. Let’s raise a glass to good things and happy days for we all are in need of them. xx

With best wishes to you wherever you are!

TJ Paris

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