TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge

This little chappy climbs amongst the crocuses across a vase in our china cabinet.

TJ’s Household Haiku Weekly Challenge

Welcome to a TJ’s Household Haiku challenge!

Anyone out there who enjoys composing Haiku and likes taking close-up photography may enjoy this challenge. Each week I will nominate a broad category of common household object, “Glassware” for example. You have a look about your home and create a photo of the item and Haiku inspired by it.

Week 1 Started March 14th 2015

Theme for this week: Garden/Bottlebrush (click on the theme to go straight to the post and link your own Haiku there)

How It Works?

Create a TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge post on your own blog.

  1. Then add a link to your blog in the comment box for the relevant weekly challenge post on this blog. Just click on the + sign in the speech bubble at the end of the post to access the comment box.
  2. Remember to follow my blog “La vie est trop courte pour pour du mauvais vin” to get weekly reminders of the challenge for the week.and check out the work of others.
  3. So that others can check out your haiku and images make sure you put “TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge” in your tags on your own post.

I will do my best to read every post and will try to comment on each. I will also be listing the submissions from the week before for you to enjoy as well as showcase one or two amazing examples.

Tips on how to compose a Haiku will be on each post and you might like to add a description of your item if it has sentimental or other interest. Share your favorite treasures!

This is one of a pair of Russian Gardiners Porcelain teacups I found dusty and unloved in a local antique shop.
This is one of a pair of Russian Gardiners Porcelain teacups I found dusty and unloved in a local antique shop.

Past challenges are only a click away. Here are all the topics so far

Games                          Mirror                        Tray                          Teapot                      

Candlestick                  Keys                           Bowl                          Clock                        

Chair                            Box                             Photograph              Vase                           

Platter                           Pen                             Lamp                        Spoons

Weeds                           Brolly                         Piano                         Glass

Windows                      Cobwebs                     Recipes                      Fabric

Scales                            Oil                              Jug                              Book

Teacup                          Tea Cosy                    Eggs                           Garden/Bottlebrush

Treats                           Anniversary              Meals and Friendship

Light                             Tiles                            Keyhole                      Christmas

Magnet                          Containers                  Tap                               Calender


Here are some links to Haiku out there on WordPress inspired by household object, both inside and out!



      1. Thank you, TJ! It seems I have a goldfish memory – entering last week’s ‘Green’ prompt again! Still, I enjoyed the writing (again!). And have entered this week’s too. Perhaps next week, the prompt can be ‘goldfish’, lol!

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Oh I like the goldfish idea. I will have to try and find one of my koi photos. Glad you had a little lapse as we saw more of your talent. 🙂


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