a ma vie de coer entier

Tulips in Versailles
Tulips in Versailles

A ma vie de coer entier – To my life with all my heart

This is an ancient inscription and message of love, found on a ring inscribed, in quaint and badly spelled French dating from the 15th Century. I chose it for the name of my Blog as I believe that living a rich life is something that you should dedicate your whole heart to.

In her scholarly book “A History of Jewelery, 1100-1870” published by Faber and Faber in 1953, Joan Evans refers to a ring belonging to Joan of Navarre, wife of Henry IV which was forfeited in 1423 (one wonders what for?) which bore the inscription ‘a ma vie de coer entier’, listing as the source; Archeologia 1909 volume 61. I cannot find more.

According to the Victoria and Albert Museum, “a ma vie de coer entier” was found inscribed on, (to quote the V&A description), “a 15th century silver poesy ring of French provenance in the British Museum, which is inscribed ‘a ma vie de coer entier’. It may be that the inscription on the present ring is just the shortened form of this sentiment, which perhaps can be best translated as ‘to my life (i.e. the ring’s recipient) with all my heart’. This indicates that as well as a protective ring, this object may also have functioned as a love token – a gift between lovers, even perhaps a wedding ring.” reference: http://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/O121196/ring-unknown/

It is practically meaningless, and misspelled, in modern French, but the sentiment remains charming.

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