Ceiling roundel at Vaux le Vicomte
Ceiling roundel at Vaux le Vicomte
The delightful ceiling in Vaux le Vicomte

Cupid, musing on a cloud

Glanced upon the roilling crowd

And choosing one with studied calm

Quite casually, he raised his arm


There, unsuspecting down below

The callow youth to young to know

Was all caught up in childish toys

That fill the mind of simple boys


With thoughts untrammelled yet with care

A heart as light as summer air

But Cupid loathed these wondrous things

He notched his arrow…pulled the string


A sun kissed girl now passed him by

The boy looked up and caught her eye

And only by this simple glance

Did Cupid knew he found his chance


Unerring aim that sent the dart

That pierced the unsuspecting heart

And tore the young boy’s dreams in twain

And changed the youth into a swain


And looking now with lover’s eyes

The young man breathed a thousand sighs

And simple pleasures, threw away

And lost…the boy of yesterday






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