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The joining of the head and heart lines which run like a chain across the entire hand is apparently the mark of greatness in Japan. Not quite so complimentary in the Western Palmistry where apparently people with this sign are mad, bad and dangerous to know.

Now I am not a superstitious man, but I love superstitions. I don’t believe my love life is written in tea leaves or that my Piscean astrology will require me to avoid making major decisions tomorrow.

However, I am always happy to latch onto any superstition that puts me in a good light.

Having travelled to Japan on many occassions I have of course come to know some of their superstitions.

One is related to peculiarities of the hand.

Palmistry, from a European perspective is all about reading the future from your palm. It is a little similar in Japan except they get very excited if you have this particular palm feature (which I have on both hands)

The Masukake Line!

Now, I bet you will look at your hand to see if it has this line…(you have probably done it already)

Known in the West as the “simian line” because monkeys have a similar crease, it is rare in the general population and, to quote a section of an article on this line,

“A palm with the Masukake line is said to be the mark of a conqueror. People who have this palm line supposedly demonstrate superior leadership skills and were born with great talents. They are very lucky from birth, and will achieve huge success with their amazing capabilities. It is also said that people who have this palm line are hard-headed, do not listen to other people’s opinions and may be clumsy in love matters.”

Naturally I ignored the last sentence as superstitious rubbish. However I am quite happy to claim that I have the same auspicious hands as Tokugawa Ieyasu himself!

If you possess the mundane hand of a “average” person when your head and heart lines drift of in two separate lines, then you have my pity and when I become the president of the world I will attempt not to be condescending.

There is even an entire Facebook group called “The Simian Line”. I am not convinced that all members are destined for greatness alas. Perhaps the lunatic asylum?



    1. Oh you are undoubtedly destined for greatness through first hand experience. Double simian! I am sure that the facebook groups would welcome you with open arms! (and high fives)

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  1. Your strong suit is communication, you’re a talker–either in person, on the page, or both. You’re so good, in fact, that you can manipulate people when you feel like it even though you’re not all that intuitive. You’ve just got the skills down so well. And you’re confident about it. You’re the guy people would go to for advice about haggling with a car salesman.

    Not a lot of subtlety to you, though. You’re the what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of guy. You only beat around the bush if it’s necessary to the argument. You prefer direct people you don’t have to worry and guess about (and you can manipulate). Con artists and back stabbers drive you nuts–how dare they take advantage of you like that! Don’t they have the balls to fight out in the open?

    You have major issues with at least one parent that you haven’t been able to let go. You might have issues with the other one, too, I can’t see the rest of your thumb. You will most likely take this to the grave. Definitely theirs, anyway.

    You like a lot of attention…a LOT. Flirting, ego stroking, praise, being the best looking or smartest guy in the room, it’s all like cocaine. You may not show it or admit it, even to yourself, but you need this stuff like oxygen and anybody with jealousy issues can just take their toys and go home because you ain’t giving up your applause for nobody. If anybody tries to take credit for your accomplishments, they will get a razor blade to the nuts when they’re least expecting it.

    You’re not the nurturing type. If people are sick or in a major bind, that’s their problem, they should have thought ahead and stayed out of trouble, like you. They need to calm the fuck down and just get on with it. Like you. Stoicism and quiet self-medication are your Nyquil.

    Got a bit of a temper, though. You have an Asshole Button.

    You had definite ambitions early in life about your career and you jumped right in with gusto, but it was cut short and you had to take up another one that didn’t ring your bells quite as much nor reap the rewards you were after, but you’ve been sticking it out. You’ll find your stride and things will pick up again later in life, but you’ll have a hard time reliving that youthful indestructibility and optimism, which is what you’re really after.

    There’s been a person of great influence in your world, if not a marriage partner then somebody who carries as much weight as a spouse for you emotionally. You trust this person, they are a straight shooter in your eyes, but you two have had at least two major skirmishes since you got together and one of them affected your current career, but you survived them. Barely.

    You have a copious amount of physical strength and vitality at your disposal. If you ever decide to turn your bodily attention to something like lifting weights, you’d see results fast enough to piss other people off, which you would love, naturally. Meanwhile, don’t confuse mass with muscle, muscle don’t shake.

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    1. Thank so much to have gone to all the trouble to send this! I have never had a palm reading before. I always think that I am the worst person to read own behaviour so I asked by significant other if they thought that this matched me….they said it did almost exactly. I must confess I do rather like attention…. 🙂 thanks again for this! Very best wishes. TJ


      1. Thanks for the positive feedback, glad I haven’t lost my touch.

        I just looked at your avatar photo and it’s all there…and more.

        For instance, you don’t take orders well, you prefer to be the supervisor and you’re comfortable with the responsibility. Your subordinates can take you at your word, too, because whatever you do, you do for the good of the whole. You just ain’t gonna sugarcoat it for anyone. Much.

        On the other hand, when you’re feelin’ it, warmth is your middle name. You are a very protective and generous friend and lover. Ooo, la, la! It’s incredibly important to you that everyone is satisfied…in every sense of the word.

        You’re a grudge holder. You have a mental file of who fucked you over and when and you don’t let them off easily. If they want back in the sandbox, they better play nice for a looooong time. And suck up.

        You also hold grudges against yourself. You have incredibly high standards, almost heroically high, that you hold yourself to and you don’t spare the mental whip when you think you’ve failed. Nobody will see it–you’ll make sure of that–but you’ll be beating yourself up about that thing that happened last week for at least another couple months, maybe years. You’ve even been known to trot out childhood mistakes when you’re depressed.

        Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn. And a touch sanctimonious. Did I mention stubborn?

        Quick mind, quick imagination, quick curiosity, quick boredom. You need a stimulating environment to thrive and you need freedom to move around in it. If anybody seats you next to the dull wit at a dinner party, you’ll just talk across the table to the interesting one on the other side.

        Handsome as fuck all your life and for the most part, you believe it when people tell you this. But it’s taking forever for that inner critic to stop muttering, “Just don’t let them see the fraud inside.” A family member controlled you with psychological beat downs a long time ago and you still hear the echoes. What you don’t realize is how terrified they were of you all those years because they knew you were stronger, so they injected their own inner dialogue into your brain and it took over nicely. Time to practice your Fuck All of You’s. This is survival, man.

        Waaay more sensitive and perceptive than you will ever admit. Which is too bad because that, combined with your strength and will (and broad chin), really would turn you into a superhero. Start shopping for capes.

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  2. Aside from chortling over your always-wonderful-and-welcome humor, I’m rather intrigued. You photographed your right hand, yes? I’ll try to take a pic of my hand(s)–and maybe you could interpret them for me… From what I can tell, eyeing them–the 2 lines come fully together, almost looking like a wishbone on my palms, but for all I know these are not the same lines you reference….if correct, it may confirm that I’m truly and hopelessly mad and dangerous… 🙂

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