TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge

Japanese Wooden Bucket
This old Japanese wooden bucket usually stores our umbrellas. Today it its out gathering flowers

The leaky bucket

Watering the wildflowers

As I run back home

Welcome to TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge. Each Saturday a new household object for you to use as an inspiration for your own haiku. Today’s theme is bucket but you don’t have to use the word, just anything that comes to mind when you consider the object. It could be what it is crafted from, where you keep it, what it holds…anything that takes your fantasy.

ABOUT THE OBJECT: This is an old Japanese wooded bucket which I found at an antique fair. While it does not hold water anymore It does a good job of holding our umbrellas and seldom gets damp given that it rarely rains in Perth. It first came home filled with flowers for a birthday gift and it took a little outing today into the geranium patch to pose for this photo.

Last week’s theme was “Wood” and many thanks to those wonderful people who let their creative sap rise and submitted some polished performances!

wood grain 2 (Large)
The early morning sun catches the wood grain in this eclectic collection of wooden objects

First up the lovely Lady Lee Manila with her collection of wonderful wooden treasures

The charming Judy of Edwina’s Episodes is about to get de-fence-ive so check out the haiku for a full explanation why.

The erudite Elusive Trope has hewn a haiku where the imagination can abide.

The inspired Kat of Like Mercury Colliding has a trio of wood related haiku and you can really get your teeth into them (unlike poor Benjamin Franklin it seems)

Two great haiku from the virtual pen of Life Home and Away. I love the first one from “Mrs Borer”

The gifted Olga of Stuff and What If…. has shared some beautiful objects to accompany her lovely haiku. Check out her own carving! Wow!

And a great big welcome to Angie Quantrell who has joined in the fun with a lovely haiku on the Calender prompt. Hope to see you back!

If you are interested in joining in it is Easy Peasy! Just add a link to your own haiku post in the comment section and I will feature you next week. (just click on the black speech bubble to open comments)

If you would like to check out all of the past prompts and the haiku sent in by contributors then visit the TJ’s Household Haiku Page HERE



      1. Wow fifty-five shirts!!
        Ok that was some massive laundry.
        I don’t mind ironing, but I draw the line at men’s outfits too much details to get it right. Thus, I do the washing, hubby does his own ironing.
        Well done you. XD

        Liked by 1 person

    1. What a shame. I am always happy to add it to next write up if you want to add it to your post but this weeks is very good and I love your info about your medieval adventures. 🙂


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