Thought for the day – Come Home

house black and white

Don’t worry about the size of your house.

Did you ever hear of a kid wanting to come “house”?

Make them want to come home!

It is strange that ‘home’ is one of the few words in English that makes grammatical sense when coupled with the verb ‘come’ without requiring ‘to’. We can say “Come here!”, but that is one of the other few exceptions. Obviously there is something about “Home” compared to “House” that makes it worthy of special grammatical consideration. Since both words seems to have come to us through German/Dutch to Old English roots, and both seem to imply dwellings or land it is interesting that both existed as separate words from very early times.

Any grammarians out there who could enlighten us as to why we can “Come home” but not “Come house”?

In response to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

Photo: Coalport porcelain model from the 1950s.


    1. Thank you so much Cee for featuring my post and for your kind wishes. I am certainly having a great evening after reading your comment! Very best wishes to you and thanks for hosting this great challenge. 🙂

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