TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Lamp

I was please how these battered old lamps came up with a lick of silver paint and a new shade. The fact that the shade has
I was pleased how these battered old lamps came up with a lick of silver paint and a new shade. The fact that the shade has “Paris” written all over it and then large quantities of German is a little odd.

This week’s prompt is “Lamp”, kindly suggested by Skyllairae from Eat Me (check out her writing by clicking the blog name). This is a picture of one of our lamps which I found at a car boot sale for $1 the pair. Some silver paint, new wiring and shades and they add some lavish brightness to the room. Here is a haiku inspired by “Lamp”.

The romantic moths

Dreaming dreams of a full moon

There in the lamplight

last week’s prompt “PEN” produced some great contributions.

Tucked Into a Corner has created a great trio of Haiku looking at the pen from 3 different angles! Love it! 🙂

Al the Author has created great romance with his pen (well…keyboard) with this haiku

Raspberry of  Raspberry’s Daydreams went for a different poetry style with Pen as inspiration. Lovely!

Last, but not least, this week was Skyllairae with a very interesting analogy and I love the words “dancing in inkstains”

If you would like to participate in TJ’s Household Haiku challenge then you can use any aspect of the household item for an inspiration. Please use this or your own “lamp” photo. “Lamp” could be your favorite lamp, its history, what it illuminates, what it is made of…be creative! It does not have to be an old or valuable pen…just whatever is about at home.

If you are participating please write your post on your own blog and add your contribution as a link to your post in the comment section here and add “TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge” to your tag list on your own post so others can find you! Just click on the speech bubble at the end of this post to access comments.

Hope to see your posts soon!

If you would like more information about the challenge then you can view the instructions page HERE


      1. Please don’t give it another thought. I am just delighted that you were interested in participating. Would love to see more of your own creations any time. Hope you have a lovely weekend! ☺

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    1. I enjoyed them all but the last two especially. Sodium buzz is a great expression. We have some particularly huge moths in Western Australia and it is no fun having one of them flying in your face I can tell you! ☺

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      1. Thanks TJ. I used to have a real phobia about moths… I spent one night in a backpacker hostel on the Gold Coast in 2007 and had two choices – get over that phobia, or have the worst night ever! Amazing what the mind can do when pushed 🙂

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  2. Hi, TJ. I wanted to hop over and say ‘thank you’ for following my blog, and this is the first chance I’ve had to visit. (Been swamped with computer problems and writing deadlines.) This site is neat and very, very full. It will take me a while to sort it all out, but I’m determined to do that. The Haiku challenges look like a lot of fun, and I’ll try to take part soon.

    Your love of France reminds me of my sister. She has wanted to visit Paris almost all of her life, but did not have the opportunity until late middle-age — which was about 4 years ago. But she’s been three times since then, and would live there if not for her two sons and all the grandkids being here in the States. But she relishes every minute she gets to spend there and I think she feels as much like a French citizen when she’s there as the French do themselves. I’ll let her know about your blog as well.

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    1. So sorry to take so long to reply to your lovely comment as I have been out of action but am now back in the blogosphere! I would be delighted if you would like to participate in the haiku challenge and look forward to exploring more of your blog too! I am so delighted that your sister had the same experience as me and has realised her dream of being in France. It is stange how “at home” I always feel there, coming as I do from far away Australia. I hope she gets to go back many times. Bon weekend and thanks again for taking the time to chat! 🙂


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