Springtime – A Haiku

These black swan are a common sight on our main river, called, amazingly, the
These black swan are a common sight on our main river, called, amazingly, the “Swan River”.

Je serai poète et toi poésie.
François Coppée

Translation: I am a poet, and you, poetry

It is that time of the week and Ronovan is again the catalyst for all those Haikuists longing to unleash their inner 詩人 (Japanese word for poet (literally poem-person)).

The prompts for this week are – Harp and clear

By the clear water

Crickets harp on the same theme

Young love in springtime

This is also a quote for Day 2 of “3 Quotes in 3 Days” which the brilliant Elusive Trope nominated me for. It give me a great excuse to use some favorite French extracts.


  1. I am speechless in any and every language. Thanks for a naturally calming Haiku– and a thought-provoking quote that demands pondering—endless times…Tres bien! Merci! (Apologies if my French is corrupt.)

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    1. Thanks so very much! So delighted you enjoyed both the haiku and the quote. Thanks also for the follow! Merci beaucoup to you too! 🙂 Meilleurs voeux and hope to see you back in the future.


    1. Thanks so much! Last coolish day in Perth for a while so making the most of it before the temperature reaches about 95 degrees on Friday so the weather reports say. Thanks again for your lovely compliment. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Vashti. I am trying to get back into using the nature aspect more as it definitely suits the form. Thanks so much for your comment. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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  2. We are heading in the opposite direction. Snow should be arriving in the next 2 months. Sometimes it even has hit in October. Hoping it won’t this year, though. Have a touch of traveling to do at end of Oct and mid November. Short day trips that will take 7 hrs and 4 hrs. So don’t want snow anywhere near the ground or road. Enjoy your coming weather. Hope you get sunshine and showers with rainbows.

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    1. Many thanks. We never see snow in Western Australia so it has a strange attraction but I can imagine travelling in it to be a nightmare. Hope you keep warm and have a mild winter.

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      1. No snow. That’s like Southern California and some of the other southern states. Strange not to have all four seasons. I must say I would be happy with Spring Fall and Summer only. But watching the snowfall when one is safe inside is a wonderful delight. TY for your wishes. Lets hope you don’t get too hot.

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